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Spiders of Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalabu...
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The present work is an attempt to carried out with the objectives to document the spider diversity of Kalaburagi District of Karnataka and the web structure of the most abundant spider of the study area. During the extensive survey for a period of two years (February 2016 to February 2018), spiders were collected from Forest and aquatic habitats come under the vicinity of Chincholli Wildlife Sanctuary of Kalaburagi district. Total 113 species of spiders belonging to 85 Genera of 32 families were recorded. Out of these families, 4 genera and 4 species were reported for the first time from India and Identified new species Euryodion katepagaa Talwar et al., 2018 from family Zodariidae (Thorell, 1881). The present study also verifies the spiders as a biological indicator by analyzing the deposition of heavy metals from the spider body and its web.

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